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Back from the Dead

Posted: January 11, 2014 by fixmagazine in Uncategorized

Back in 2009 I had a vision, this vision was a simple one to bring all the worlds news to readers in one central location. It was that day in 2009 that Fix Magazine was born. When things first began it was going great, we were providing readers their fix for the need for news and you the readers were eating it up. in 2010 things began to get rocky and the glue began to come undone. It was this disaster that led to Fix falling victim and having to turn the lights off. That concludes your history lesson, we fast forward to 2014 and I am pleased to announce that Fix Magazine is back from the dead. while there has been a lot of changes that have taken place over the last four years, I as the Editor remain as committed today as that very first day in 2009. I am going to be honest and say that things will take some time to get back to the highs that we experienced in late 2009 but with you the reader behind us, we will make a triumphant comeback. I assure you that the level of the writing will be much better than it ever has been and that we will have more news for the readers than ever before. There are a lot of big plans in the works with the magazine and I want to assure you that 2014 will be a banner year for the readers as well as for the staff here at Fix. So to those that have remained and kept hoping that Fix would come back we thank you. To those that are new to Fix welcome to your new home for getting your fix for all things news.

James Williams

Editor Fix Magazine