Our Statement of Values & Guiding Principles


The FiX is published by Rocky Mountain Creative Publishing, Inc. RMC is Proud to be an all American small business. We are also proud to consider ourselves a Next Generation business we strive to embody the ideal of being environmentally sound & earth friendly, we commit to fair and equal employment practices and to treat all employees as human beings and as family. We embrace the concepts of diversity and inclusion. We try in all things we do to think with a global perspective and to take responsibility for our actions both in direct consequence and indirect. We believe in the freedom of speech and open expression. We think that their is no topic so taboo that it cannot be talked about, believing that the best way to get past an indifference is to share our personal views openly. Nothing is so great it cannot be discussed, cried over or laughed about together. We make every effort to provide equal voice to all sides of a topic and to listen to our readers, advertisers, affiliates and partners as well as our staff and our critics to provided a well-rounded approach to what we do. We believe in the power of the small business in the modern age and support our local communities by giving back in ways that allow others to emerge and grow as we have had the chance to do. We support our local schools and civil service groups and our governments even when we disagree with them. To those which we do business with we commit to honoring our agreements with honesty and fairness. To our readers we commit to true journalistic ethics and a tradition of media integrity, which is not found commonly in today’s world. Above all we pledge to always do what we are charged to do with one thought in mind: WE HAVE BEEN HONORED TO BE ALLOWED TO SERVE THE PEOPLE OF A GREAT NATION AND A WORLD POPULATION WHICH EXPECTS AND DESERVES BETTER THAN THE CURRENT STATUS QOU, WE ACCEPT THIS MISSION HUMBLY AND WILL NOT FAIL YOU ************************************************************************ The following small businesses share our beliefs in the power of the Next Generation Small Business we therefore offer FREE exposure time to these business who have taken up the challenge of the American dream and strive each day to fulfill the true essence of the American entrepreneurial spirit. Please take a moment to explore their offering and next time you have a need they might be able to meet, please consider supporting them.